Saturday, May 03, 2014

Healing reddened areas

Groins, the underside of the abdominal flap if you're heavy, and the underside of breasts are known to get reddened if not kept dry. Fungus becomes the culprit.  It can be red, itchy, sticky, and smelly.
At our place of work we use:

  •  mixture of equal amounts of nilstat and hydrocortisone cream 
  •  clotrimazole cream / canesten (inexpensive, and sold at drugstores for yeast infections)
  • Dr Loveridge's cream ( you can likely ask any pharmacist  in Yarmouth county for it). Works like a charm.
Use twice a day after drying. It improves pretty fast. When it gets healed up use powder or plain cornstarch to absorb moisture.  If it returns, go back to using the cream till healed. Wearing all cotton underwear can also help as nylon traps moisture. If it persists, you may need a prescription for oral medication.
~~If you do this faithfully and it won't clear,or you get other areas, get tested for diabetes as this is sometimes, but not usually,a factor.~~