Tuesday, May 27, 2014

La Cuisine Robicheau

In Meteghan, at La Cuisine Robicheau, we had supper tonight.
We were greeted with the question "Do you have a reservation? " as we walked in.
Would have preferred a smile, a hello, and then the question ....
Anyway, the 5 of us were seated immediately in one of the four rooms of the house-turned-restaurant.
Soon after the room filled. 
The room was 10 by 12, with three tables and it held 11 people. 
Actually 10 and a baby in a broken highchair which we helped fix..
The atmosphere wasn't super, it was close quarters, the baby was loud, but we all had kids before.
Conversation was very difficult.
It was the main path to another room, and there was much traffic.
Knowing the layout of the restaurant, as I had been there before, I wondered why they didn't choose to travel through the large sunny west room, which had no one in it while we were there.
Both bathrooms were clean.  Lighting was poor in our room. 

Let's get to the service ....
menu is limited, no appetizers, and she listed 3 items on special; items not on the menu. 
We asked which she preferred, and she said "seafood lasagna", which we ordered.
She poured iced water.
She took orders, and left the table at 5:47pm.
She returned at 6:00 with the following: seafood platter, and seafood chowder. Then she came with rolls.
Then she returned with tiger shrimp and salad, seafood lasagna, and clam rappie pie.
Very fast indeed.
Food was good except for two complaints: chowder barely had lobster. One piece for certain. 
Not very tasty. It was hot.
It did have scallops and haddock. 
The salad had lots of lettuce and the dressing appeared to be olive oil only.
 Another tasted it, and thought there may be a hint of vinegar in it. Maybe.
At 6:27 our plates were picked up, and we ordered coconut cream  and chocolate pie. 
They arrived at 6:43, were homemade, excellent and huge.
We liked the cutlery, as it was heavy, and we liked the mismatched plates. The decor was ok.
The waitress was good. The owner was there, and cleared tables around us more than once, 
but never spoke or smiled.
The bill came fast, almost too fast, and dessert was barely done. 
Although we felt a bit rushed, they seemed to be in no rush to get paid at the cash.
Somewhat pricey . 
You could substitute rice or potatoes for salad, but they charge $3.00 in addition.
One of the Taste Buds supper club reported... " The view of the water was lost to us but we enjoyed the guy with the tight pants."