Sunday, May 18, 2014

My best decluttering tips

Already shared, and somewhere on this blog, are these tips, that I always use.
You may remember them .....

  • take a bag, and toss out or recycle or give away 27 items. Sounds like a lot, but it's not. Open a drawer, and toss out the pen that doesn't work, the empty tube of cream, a piece of mail... etc. Walk around the house. You'll be surprized how easy it is the rid of 27 items.
  • Trying to tackle an area that makes you groan every time you look at it? Maybe it's a junk drawer or a closet. Everytime you go to it, find the proper place for 5 items. Even if it's once a day for a month...
  • Launching Pads, as I call them, are ok. Every house has some. It's the spot where we tend to drop coins, keys, bracelets, nail clippers, books, mail, kids art....etc.  I call it a launching pad as the stuff that lands there really belongs elsewhere, doesn't it?  Tidy it up by simply adding a basket there to collect it, or a nice glass bowl, or dish. I have one by my computer, one on my windowsill, and one on my nightstand.