Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Nova Scotia Neighborhood

" So we were 5 at the session on golf equipment. 
4 ladies who were somewhat mischievous and myself.
Oh I behaved for a change !
They got talking about equipment, size matters, and the bigger the better!
It wasn't hard to see what they were thinking !"

Tell me, what about size? Do you mean club head size ?

"No ! The size of grips ! Especially if you have big hands !

You know, I think I could be a motivational speaker !"


Charlene L. said...

This is one nice picture of a couple of my golfing buddies.

Mia said...

Who knew I was being interviewed. lol

Anonymous said...

Lovely picture of two sweet ladies. I think I hear them laughing. Raegan

Maggie said...

We golfing ladies know how to have fun!