Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cleaning is fun. Really ?

We had a good chat about housework the other day, when a friend's housekeeper broke her foot.
Trying to ease her sorrow, we were giving her encouragement. Telling her how fun cleaning can be. LoL !
We suggested a variety of things...

  • lighting a candle/ creating ambience
  • filling a bucket of water with avon bubble bath to clean gets me going
  • playing music
  • watching HGTV
  • watching hoarders

I actually came across a couple ideas online.....

  • use a timer ( I haven't actually set a timer, but I will sometimes devote a set amount of time , like I have 40 minutes before Coronation street, to tackle a cleaning chore)
  • sip a glass of wine, or a favorite hot beverage
  • tackle the biggest job first
  • talk on the phone
  • reward yourself afterwards
  • think of it as burning calories
  • not sure where to start ...  list the chores, and cut them. Draw one at a time.
Do you have any tips to share ?

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