Saturday, January 31, 2015

SuperBowl Party


19 & OVER




Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Where the heck is Cameroon ?


All I know is that whenever I am clicking in a drop down list, Canada is right below Cameroon.
So I decided to find out where Cameroon is.

There is one doctor for every 5000 people.
Life expectancy in 2012 was 54 years.
I was saddened to learn that some parts of Cameroon practice breast ironing and genital mutilation.
Just as sad is the fact that in the first 4 months of 2014, violence caused 90,000 people to flee neighboring Central African Republic and seek refuge in Cameroon, as it is known as a place with a high level of religious freedom.

I love Canada.

Soya Sauce sample

Here's a different sample.
Soya sauce.

little soya samples

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I read up about Bookbub.
Seems to be okay to use.
Sign up with your email, and the sometimes offer free ebooks.
Easy to unsubscribe.

Check them out here !

This hour has 22 minutes

I just love Cathy Jones ! She is so funny when she portrays the old lady in the park.
Tonight she spoke of sex lives at various ages.
At 40, we fantasize about being with someone younger.
At 50, we fantasize about being younger.

Chemo Hats with Love

Here's a great project !
Come to the Acadian Museum in West Pubnico on Friday and help volunteers sew Chemo hats !

They are sewn by sewing machine but there is work for everybody. Some cut, some pin, some turn 

the turbans over....

Come at 9:30, and bring your lunch!
Last time they got together they made 150 hats !

Call (902)762-3380.

Monday, January 19, 2015


Gary Burghoff Picture

Gary Burghoff ( Radar) has a deformed left hand which he usually hid in a pocket or behind a clipboard.
He has a house in Conneticut, but likes to spend his time in Florida at the " Crystal River RV park".

For the birds

Check out Alix d'Entremont's blog.

He's got his 2014 Year in Review - The rarities
Some amazing photos of birds.

Click here for his blog.

Free Sample Offer

Robax Platinum..

Click here to order your two caplet sample.

Yarmouth`s D.A.R station

In 1910 ! They must be lined up for their `double double coffee`

Job available

Looking to hire, for a permanent position, a reliable person to deliver newspapers on an in-town route. 
Vehicle required.
Position needs to be filled ASAP.
Call if interested.

Winter TRY-athalon!

Are you a winter triple threat? Try your skills at snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and

 snow sculpture in this fun Ellenwood Park event! January 25th, 1:00-4:00pm. Ages 16 and 

up. No experience necessary. Equipment provided. Snow dependent. Call 902-742-8868 to


Blue Monday

Feeling Blue?
Today is known as Blue Monday.
The third Monday in January is supposed to be the most dismal of them all !

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Chips for the hips ?

Best choice to avoid getting bigger hips : Baked Lays, Original, regular flavor

Runner up : Kettle Brand "65% less Fat" lightly salted

Most chips for the calories : Popchips |Original

Sunchips... sound healthy but they are not. They are high in both fat and saturated fat.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Make mornings easier

I read an article on getting up in the morning... with ease

  • plan your day the night before. Not only will you sleep better; your brain will actually work on it as you sleep, and it won't feel so overwhelming
  • Clear your space the night before. If it's the kitchen table, or counter, or your desk. Have it ready for your return before you turn in
  • drink a glass of water when you awake
  • eat breakfast
  • exercise at least 15 minutes if you can

The Brain Game with food

We all know smaller plates give the impression that we are eating more than we really are.
I watched a program called Brain Game and we really get tricked by our brains daily.

  • ads and menu pictures, often sell their products because of how appealing the picture is. It doesn't matter what it looks like once we get it; it's the image we first saw that stays on our mind.
  • Our brain will often cause us to chose bolder and brighter packaging
  • 5 second rule ? if its a salty, or very sweet, or a dry item...  you are likely ok.
  • Food tastes better when eaten with white plastic utensils. 
That is hard to believe. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


No not REM ( as in Rapid Eye Movement)
No and not the band R.E.M. ( Losing my Religion, and Shiny Happy people)

Rem was the name of an Egyptian God in mythology.
He was a fish-God, and his tears fertilized the land.
Rem means to weep.

That's it.

Here's a nice clip of Ernie and Bert fishing.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This Friday!

Darlene d'Eon - A Needle Pulling Thread -
At the Musée des Acadiens des Pubnicos , West Pubnico ,
Friday January 16 from 10 am - 3 pm. 

 Each person will receive a kit to make one block, (the fabric, papers and thread). This is such a great technique; everyone can do this regardless of their quilting skills
English Paper pieced hexie (hexagon) project. This is all the rage right now in the quilting world. All hand work, but very simple easy work, even young children in 4H are doing it.

Shopping display: smaller/mini quilts and a couple of her larger projects. Also, a good selection of what’s on sale in the shop, fat quarters, precuts, patterns, books, notions, etc.

Free workkit - Each person will need what she would normally prefer for handwork, needles, pins, a thimble, scissors, etc

Tuna & Tomato Chowder

Really, it's more like a soup.
I made it last night and ate it today.

One small onion chopped
1/4 cup celery chopped
Sauteed in 2 tablespoons of butter
Then add:
Add a dash of pepper and 1/4 tsp salt
( added the salt but I normally would not. I feel our food has enough sodium in it )
A pinch of nutmeg
1 can tomato soup
1 and 1/4 cups milk
1 can flaked light tuna

Heat, but do not boil. Serve hot.

The results: yesterday while cooking it, I had my doubts, even after a little taste with the spoon.
Today I enjoyed it enough to have a bit more.
It would feed two.
It tasted a bit like the shrimp mould I make.
Would I make it again?
Yes, if I had someone to share it with !

The Hatfield House

Join Sommelier Leslee Fredericks for a wine pairing evening on January 20th at 6:30 p.m. in the second oldest home in Tusket, NS.

Four course Spanish - Wine & Tapas - Sample Spanish wines and tasty finger-foods, like Bravo Olives, aged Manchego cheese, fresh bread, grilled shrimp, ceviche, stuffed mussels, flash fried calamari, Serrano ham, chorizo and lamb chops.
ALL PROCEEDS for the Gilles Boudreau & Friends Cancer Help Fund Association.
$ 65 per person.
Reserve for the evening now by calling The Hatfield House Culinary Experiences & Restaurant, 1832, HWY 3, Tusket, N.S. 902 648 1888


Sunday, January 11, 2015


Tonight I watched a program on sleep and the importance of sleep recovery.
I didn't watch it all, as I had to go to bed.
Here's what I learned:

  • short sleepers ( 4 hours or less a day) consume about 500 calories more a day
  • disrupted sleep impairs our ability to fight cancer
  • most of our deep sleep occurs soon after we fall asleep
  • Not only do you need good sleep to learn, good sleep after learning, makes your brain act like a computer, and saves it for you. 
  • Our brain actually clears out toxins in the night. Some toxins, like amyloid beta, are created in our brains, and need to be cleared out. During deep sleep is when it clears out the most. Amyloid-beta is linked to clear thinking and Alzheimer disease.
  • 80% of sleep apnea suffers are undiagnosed, or untreated
  • Almost all mental illnesses have associated sleep problems. Anxiety disorders, etc... get worse with sleep deprivation
  • Difficulty sleeping is if you take more than a half hour to fall asleep


Looking for a FUN physical activity?
 Come out and join the WOMEN FUN FLOOR HOCKEY night at École Belleville.
Monday nights from 7pm to 8pm
$2 per player per night
Floor hockey sticks provided