Saturday, February 28, 2015

Gift idea

Bath and Body works coupon

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You'd have to use it today.

 There are three:
$10 off your $30 or more purchase
20% of your purchase
a free gift when you spend $10

Google chrome hints and tips

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Did you know that you can hit “Ctrl + N” to open a new window or Ctrl+T to open a new tab ?
The address bar is also a calculator. Go ahead try it....  type 50% of 112 and the answer is right there. No need to open your calculator.  See the example below.

Doily bowls

How to make Stiffy bowls from doilies

I have got to try this. I have many doilies.
I would have to dye a couple first.
Pretty sure dollarama has some dye.
Cover the outside of bowl or whatever you have decided to use for your shape, with aluminum foil.
In a container put some mod podge, and make sure the doily is totally wet.
( Sold at Walmart around the glue in the craft isle for 8.97)
I bought dome "Stiffy" instead. It was a better price.
Smooth it over the bowl and let dry.
You can make crowns...  and even wall art, or tea light holders. The tea light one was made on a balloon.

DIY lace bowls - great mothers' day idea

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Open mic and food event

The Club Social des Iles, Surettes Island, would like to invite everyone to attend their monthly open mic and food event which takes place on the second Friday of every month. The next event is planned for Friday, March 13th. Our doors open at NOON, and we serve food, both eat-in and takeout until 9pm (and sometimes later!). The Open Mic starts at 7pm, and is open to any interested musicians.

Come enjoy our famous homemade pizzas, Club-made donair meat, delicious Caesar salads and even more. The volunteers have a strong desire to create a vibrant and active Club, and these fundraisers are critical to our success and have supported investments in some needed upgrades, including new heat pumps!

Make sure to check out our Facebook Page, or give us a call to learn about what other activities are taking place at the Club! If you’d like to contact the Club to learn more about our Open Mic and Food events, or if you’d like to ask about using the Club space for your own event, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can email us at, or call us at (902) 648 2269, or at (902) 648 0333. Of course, we can also be found on Facebook (

Monday, February 23, 2015

Visit my new aquaculture blog !

The link to it is here on the left !
Argyle Farms Fish !

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Zig Zag lace scarf

Click here for the pattern

Knitted dishcloth pattern

Pattern HERE

Decluttering Help

Image result for declutter ideaStudies show that if you are trying to declutter, you shouldn't really handle your item for very long. Pick it up and make a decision within 3 seconds.
The longer you hold it, the more time you have to figure out why you should keep it.
You'll recall where it came from, and what it costs.
So make the decision a quick one, and place it in your keep, toss, or donate pile.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Potato Bread Recipe Using Real Mashed Potatoes

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  • 7 ounces cooked potato (you can use leftover mashed potatoes, or cook up a small potato and mash it)
  • Water, enough to equal 1 3/4 cup when combined with the potato
( put the potato into a 2 cup measuring cup, and add water to bring the level up to 1 3/4 cup)
  • 2 tablespoons softened butter
  • 2 1/2 tablespoons sugar (or honey)
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 3 1/2 cups bread flour (I usually use a mix of fresh ground wheat flour and pre-milled flour)
  • 2 teaspoons dry yeast or 1 1/2 teaspoons saf-instant yeast
If using a bread machine, select “wheat”, “sweet”, or “white” setting.

Before the Next Tear drop falls

Image result for freddy fender graveI listened to this song today.
Very much Mom and Dad era.
I enjoyed it.
Listen to it here !

Si te quire de verdad
Y te da felicidad
Te deseo lo mas bueno pa'los dos
Pero si te hace llorar
A mime puedes hablar
Y estare contigo cuando treste estas

Seed starting tray ? well maybe not


I was going to blog about using rotisserie chicken containers to start seeds.
But you know what? I am going to write about Co-op rotisserie BBQ chicken.
My dear it's good.
Especially underneath the carcass, there are those two little pockets of meat. Yum.
And even it's fun to watch when it cooks.
Goes round and round, juice and spices dripping on the neighboring chicken.
I don't like the bags as much as the containers for packaging, but they carry well.
I remember grandmere would buy one, and it would come in a foil type bag.
The spices are just right.
Makes a great quick meal, awesome club sandwiches, and good chicken salad sandwiches.
Ok. Guess I am hungry....

Saturday Feb 28

click on picture for a bigger view

Winners is coming

Image result for winnersto Yarmouth !
Their projected opening date is August 23rd...! They'll be hiring a store manager, two assistant managers, four coordinators AND 50 people for opening (for about 6 weeks) then retaining at least 25 of those hired. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Home Heating rebate for all low income households

Image result for rebateAll Nova Scotians ( not just seniors) who need help with home heating costs can now apply for the province's heating rebate program. The 2014-15 Heating Assistance Rebate Program, launched on Thursday (October 30th), offers a rebate of up to 200 dollars to eligible applicants who heat their home with oil, natural gas, wood, wood pellets, propane, electricity or coal. 
To qualify, applicants must be a household with a net annual income of $42,000 or less or a single person earning $27,000 or less annually.