Monday, February 09, 2015

Good advice

I once went to a "get to know yourself" workshop. 
Let's say it was interesting.
What I did learn the most, and still practice, is 
asking myself " does it really matter?"
Lots of time we really don't have to be right, we don't have 
to correct, and the answer doesn't have to be ours.
In the scheme of things, sometimes it just doesn't really matter.

I remember the first day after the workshop that I actually stopped myself.
Loverboy had called at work to see if it was ok to cut down that scraggly looking
tree. I asked to explain which one. He sort of did, and I still didn't
really understand. I was going to say "wait until I get home to see which one"; but
I decided that it was ok. It was his decision. Its a tree. I can live with it.
Go ahead.

Much to my surprise it was my forsythia tree. The very first tree I planted
at my new house.  I never said a word. All it really needed was a trim.

(But it was his decision, and the space does looks better ...but it's growing back )