Saturday, February 07, 2015

Valentine's Day ! Survey says !

How much should your partner spend on a Valentine's Day gift?

31% of women said under 25 bucks. and also 31% said she  really didn't need a gift.
28% of men said under 25 bucks, and 40% said he needed no gift.

  • Most women are actually spending less than $25, but the men are actually spending $25 to 50.
Who is supposed to pay for Valentine's Day?
71% of the men, think the men should.
40% of the women, think the men should ( 34% were nice, and said whoever planned the night)

Who is supposed to plan Valentine's Day?
well 68% of the women think they both should plan it.
But 57% of the men think they should.

Do you expect to have sex because it's Valentine's Day?
Women who answered yes: 43%
Men ? 50%

Which best describes how you feel about V-day?
Ick! It's a Hallmark holiday 45.3%
Love it! It's another excuse to show I care  54.7%
Ick! It's a Hallmark holiday 61.9%Love it! It's another excuse to show I care  38.1%