Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Bicycle jersey pockets


Usually there are three.
When packing your pockets for a ride, use planning.
Bigger items like a rolled up jacket or vest or a water bottle should go in the middle back pocket.
If you have no jacket, and your water mounts on your bike frame, then experts suggests you pack the valuables in the middle; ID, phone and money. They should go in the middle as it's the safest pocket.
Save the side pockets for a quick snack.
Only you know which on side you can more easily reach back to get that snack.
Some claim a ride under 4 hours needs no snack. I beg to differ. A biker from New Brunswick told me she ate 4 to 5 jujubes every 30 minutes, in events, to keep her energy up.

Remember to keep your eyes on the road, as the bike tends to go wherever your eyes go.

(When looking back at the vehicle coming behind you; you can move your hand closer to the stem column before looking back. It will help you ride straight ahead.)