Sunday, March 22, 2015


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I read an article saying you can save $ 500 a year at the pump by eco-driving.
What does that mean you ask?
 Here's what I read in summary:

  • Accelerate gently. Pretend there is an egg under your gas pedal and a coffee on the dash. 
  • Maintain a steady speed: They did a study of someone going from 75 to 85 km/hour every 18 seconds. They consumed 20% more gas. Therefore use cruise control whenever you can.
  • Anticipate traffic:  keeping distance between you and the vehicle ahead
  • Coast to decelerate:  it's like driving for free. Many of our cars have fuel injection, meaning the fuel to the engine stops when the accelerator is not pressed. So take your foot off the gas, and coast a bit.
  • Avoid high speeds: most of our vehicles are most efficient when traveling between 50 and 80 km/hr. Anything over this takes more gas than usual. If it costs you $10 to get from Pubnico to Yarmouth, driving over 80km/hr on that trip is basically costing you a toonie extra. 
Looks like we are all dropping a toonie on that trip.