Thursday, April 30, 2015

Big Garbage Day !

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Thursday, May 14: East Pubnico, Argyle, Old School Road, Robert’s Island, Glenwood, Lr. Eel Brook, Sainte-Anne-du-Ruisseau, Rocco Point, stop at SAR Church.
Friday, May 15: Begin at SAR Church, Abram’s River, Hubbard’s Point, Amirault’s Hill, Sluice Point, Surette’s Island, Morris Island, including section of Hwy 3 between Frank Doucette Road and Hanging Oak stop at Hanging Oak
Saturday, May 16: Lower West Pubnico, Middle West Pubnico, West Pubnico, Pubnico, Pubnico Head, including side roads in the area, Argyle Sound Road, Green Grove Road, section of Highway #3 between Argyle Sound Road and Intersection of #335 to Paul d’Entremont Marine
Thursday, May 21: Wedgeport, Plymouth and Black Pond Road
Friday, May 22: Comeau’s Hill, Little River Harbour, Melbourne, Pleasant Lake, Gavel Road, East Kemptville, Tusket and Lake Vaughan Road
Saturday, May 23: Chemin des Bourque, Eel Lake Road, Belleville, Bell Neck, Springhaven, Quinan

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bursaries & Program info

Image result for scholarshipL'Université Sainte-Anne a accès à des bourses de 5000 $ chacune pour permettre à des élèves d'immersion de la 12e année de poursuivre leurs études collégiales en français.
Des élèves de Drumlin Heights et Yarmouth High pourraient être éligibles.

Ils offrent 6 programmes collégiaux en septembre 2015 :

2 en administration: Agent de bureau gouvernemental (Bilingual Office Clerk) et Professionnel en service de l'entreprise (Office Administration)
2 en santé : Auxiliaire en soins continus (CCA) et Assistant de l'ergothérapeute et assistant du physiothérapeute (Occupational and Physiotherapy Assistant)
2 en éducation : Aide-enseignant (Teacher Assistant) et Éducation à la petite enfance (Early Childcare Education)

Monday, April 27, 2015

4 Nova Scotia restaurants make the list

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Fleur de Sel, EDNA, Chives and da Maurizio – recently made Toronto food writer Jacob Richler's list of Canada's top 100 restaurants for 2015.  
Selected by a panel of chefs, critics and restaurateurs extremely familiar with the food business in Canada, the establishments were ranked 22th, 75th, 80th and 89th. 
Fleur de Sel is in Lunenburg.
EDNA is on Gottigen street in Halifax
I had lamb at Chives....  delicious ! It's on Barrington Street, Halifax.
Da Maurizo is found on Lower Water street, Halifax.

Co-op Atlantic and Sobeys

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Co-op Atlantic is negotiating the sale of the food and gas business to Sobeys.
 De La Tour Co-op will continue to operate as always. 
There will not be any changes in member shares, benefits, etc. It will be business as usual.
Sobeys will become our main supplier of product.

Attending USA Tusket next year ?

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or NSCC, a trade school, or technical college?
Hurry ! The Municipality of the District of Argyle awards two $1000 scholarships. 
One will be awarded to a grade 12 student from École secondaire de Par-en-Bas and the other to a grade 12 student from Drumlin Heights Consolidated School.

Click here for the application.

Save money on groceries

There's an easy way to save money on groceries... at least for one week.

Eat from your freezer and pantry.

Make a quick list of what is in there, and sit down with a pencil and plan some meals, from the freezer or pantry.

I did that a couple weeks ago....  had deer stew, boiled the heck out of a mature chicken, and had a meal of this and that from the freezer.
Tonight we are having a chicken soup I had froze.
I also spotted some cooked loose hamburg ....  hmmm.
Ideas anyone?

Pillsbury Pizza

There's a new product in the freezer at the co-op. It's just below the fish sticks, in the case next to the pizza.
 It's a frozen pizza by Pillsbury.
I bought two pepperoni ones to try.
Two fed three of us, and a bite for the dog.
Cut each pizza into four.
It was really good actually.
The boys loved the crust, and so did I.
310 calories for a half pizza.

$2.00 right now per pizza.

I went back and bought 8.

Sale Whale

Sale whale is the best site !
Especially if you buy in bulk and really are searching for the best price in your area.

You can narrow down your search ( I have 50 kms from my home) and you can choose your grocery item, ie. salted butter.

And up comes the list of stores and the current price.

Try it !

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Laundry woes

With the end of university came a lot of laundry. 
And the first load I washed and dried was his clean clothes. Great. I noticed they were somewhat folded....  But he placed the bag infront of the washer :(

Can't Take My Eyes off of you

Image result for jersey boys movieI love this part of the Jersey Boys movie.
It starts so tenderly,
And of course, I love the magic when the brass orchestra joins in.
Listen to it here

Easy lace scarf

a simple Feather and Fan scarf

The yarn's recommended needle size is US 8.

Cast on 22 stitches and knit 2 rows.
Now you're ready to begin the lace pattern, which is as follows.

Row 1: (RS): K all sts.
Row 2: K2, p18, k2. (Those 2 border stitches on either end will always be knit in garter stitch—their role is to keep your fabric from curling.)
Row 3: K2, (K2Tog) 3 times, (YO,K1) 6 times, (K2Tog) 3 times, k2.
Row 4: K all sts.

Repeat rows 1 through 4 until you've reached your desired scarf length or run out of yarn, whichever comes first. End by completing Row 4, and then knit 1 more row and bind off all sts.

a yarn overYO: The most common increase you'll encounter in lace patterns is an open increase called a yarn-over. The increase is made by wrapping your yarn once around the right needle, as if you were working a regular stitch but without doing anything to the stitches on your left needle. It's the simplest possible increase you can do.

Penny Sale Today

Friday, April 24, 2015

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Einstein's death

Image result for how did einstein dieHe died in 1955 in New Jersey.
He was 76.
He died of an aneurysm in his abdomen.
According to his wishes, he was cremated the same day he died ( but not his brain) and his ashes were scattered somewhere.
There is no grave.
A pathologist removed his brain, without permission at first... and kept the brain in 2 mason jars.
There was pieces tested over the years, and it was returned to a pathologist at Princeton Hospital in 1998 !!

Garden Tips

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  1. Make a slug trap....  with a shallow dish and a bit of their favorite beer
  2. Rabbits hate marigolds. So if you are trying to protect something.... plant marigolds
  3. Bugs be gone.....  with a squirt bottle of warm water and a few drops of Dawn

Free Bath and Body Works

Image result for bath body worksClick here and print a coupon
for a free Bath and Body Works item.
No purchase necessary.
Wish I was closer to one !

Good until Sunday the 26th

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Commitment Comedy

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I was listening to a comedian today.
He was saying that he was getting older and his mother regularly mails to him newspaper clippings of wedding announcements. Recently he mailed to her a brochure for a nursing home.

And his girlfriend says " Why are so so scared of commitment?"

He says...  just think about the stalker and the murderer.
What's the difference between them.?

The commitment.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The laundress

Image result for the laundress new yorkCame across a really interesting website, offering free laundry or dish detergents. I got all my info entered, but saw no provinces listed. The only Canadian thing on the list was Armed forces Canada... and it went.  Hmmmm ?  that will be interesting.

The Laundress

Mother's day at the Red Cap

Budget items

  • Image result for budget 2015
  • TFSA annual limit raised to $10,000 from $5,500.
  • Small business tax rate cut to 9 per cent from 11 per cent by 2019
  • EI compassionate care benefits extended to 6 months from current 6 weeks.
  • Home Accessibility Tax Credit for home renovations for seniors and people with  (new Home Accessibility Tax Credit applies starting next year to both seniors and people with disabilities. Up to $1,500 in tax relief would be available for renovations such as wheelchair ramps, walk-in bathtubs, wheel-in showers and grab bars.)
  • $210 million over four years to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday in 2017. ( wow ... it's gonna be a pricey party. )

Heartland Tour

In Yarmouth on Friday July 10th !
Registration not yet open.

Homemade Weed killer

Homemade Weed Killer

Free dishwasher tablets

Image result for finish quantum maxI never buy dishwasher detergent... or shall I say,I always get reimbursed for the dishwasher tablets I do buy.

And my supply is low ! 
Time to buy more!
Finish Canada has a new mail in rebate that will allow you to get a Finish product for free!
Simply purchase a Finish Quantum Max, Quantum Max Power & Free, Max in 1, Max in 1 Power & Free (18ct or larger), Finish Jet-Dry, Quantum Jet-Dry, Dishwasher Cleaner or Dishwasher Freshener (200 mL or larger) and you'll be eligible for this offer.
The rebate form is  here. 

Save the original dated cash register receipt (write the UPC from the box on it) 
This offer is valid only on select Finish products up to $8.00 purchased between April 11 and May 18. All rebate requests must be received by June 18.

Earth day is Wednesday

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Wondering what you can do ???

Commit to using “real” coffee cups.
Clean up trash in your neighborhood.
Set up a bird feeder .
Turn off unnecessary lights.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Psychology test

This is what they call a relational psychology test. The answers to these questions indicate relevance to values that you hold in your personal lives. Let’s get to it! Picture yourself walking through a beautiful forest. The sun is out, there’s a perfect breeze. It’s just beautiful.

Who are you walking with?

As you continue on in your walk through the forest, you come across an animal.

What kind of animal is it?

You come up to the animal.

What does the animal do?

You’re walking deeper into the woods yet, and you come to a clearing. There’s a house in the middle of the clearing.

How big is it? Is it fenced in or no?

You walk up to the door of the home and it’s open a bit. You enter and see a table.

Describe what’s on the table.

You finish looking around the house and leave out the back door. There’s a huge lawn and in the center is a garden. In the garden, you find a cup.

What is the cup made out of? What do you do with the cup?

As you walk to the end of the garden, you find yourself at a body of water.

What kind of body of water is it? A lake? River? Pond?

You must cross this water in order to get home.

How wet do you get?

Ready for some answers?

The person you were walking with is the most important person in your life.
The size of the animal you come across is a representation of the size of your problems.
If your action was more severe, it means you tend to be more aggressive. If it was peaceful, then more passive.
The size of your home is representative of the size of your ambition.
If there was no fence around the home, it means you tend to be more open.
If what you saw on the table wasn’t food, people, or flowers, it indicates some unhappiness.
How durable the cup you found was is representative of how strong your relationship is with the person in the first part of the story. What you do with it is representative of your attitude toward them.
The size of the body of water is related to the size of your sexual drive.
If you became very wet, it indicates that sex is important to you. If not very wet, it may mean it’s less important.

Happy Couple Secrets

Image result for older couple holding hands

  1. Enjoy each other: Spend time together. Conquer fears and goals together.
  2. Beware of advice: from others. Your relationship is unique. When seeking advice, beware.
  3. Surprise: and experts aren't indicating a surprise party. They mean a hot coffee, or doing a small unexpected thing , just because,  for your partner
  4. Talk it out:  be open and honest
  5. Simplify:  and it's hard to not get caught up in work, children and the every day rush of things.
  6. Love yourself : Ditch the bad attitudes, and the negative thoughts about yourself. Love yourself and have patience with yourself. You'll be much easier to love, and show love, if you do.