Friday, April 03, 2015

Bicycle brakes touching the rim

Image result for brakes touching rimIt's annoying, slowing you down and wearing down your brakes.
Once I learned how to fix this, it was surprisingly easy.
Use a hex key  ( allen wrench) .

The brakes have a small setting screw on the brakes itself. The screw has a bit of blue on the threads.

You tighten the screw on the brake pads that are tight to the rim. 
And you loosen the screw on the other side. 

Squeeze your brakes a couple times. You can repeat again if needed.
Give your wheel a fling, and see if it still touches.

Easy to remember.... tighten on the side that is too tight.. Loosen on the side that is loose
I do just a half turn at a time and I usually adjust one side only.
Unless it's really bad, it will take adjusting both sides.

Sometimes it will get off balance from transporting your bicycle laying on it's side, or after having changed sets of tires.