Thursday, April 30, 2015

Big Garbage Day !

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Thursday, May 14: East Pubnico, Argyle, Old School Road, Robert’s Island, Glenwood, Lr. Eel Brook, Sainte-Anne-du-Ruisseau, Rocco Point, stop at SAR Church.
Friday, May 15: Begin at SAR Church, Abram’s River, Hubbard’s Point, Amirault’s Hill, Sluice Point, Surette’s Island, Morris Island, including section of Hwy 3 between Frank Doucette Road and Hanging Oak stop at Hanging Oak
Saturday, May 16: Lower West Pubnico, Middle West Pubnico, West Pubnico, Pubnico, Pubnico Head, including side roads in the area, Argyle Sound Road, Green Grove Road, section of Highway #3 between Argyle Sound Road and Intersection of #335 to Paul d’Entremont Marine
Thursday, May 21: Wedgeport, Plymouth and Black Pond Road
Friday, May 22: Comeau’s Hill, Little River Harbour, Melbourne, Pleasant Lake, Gavel Road, East Kemptville, Tusket and Lake Vaughan Road
Saturday, May 23: Chemin des Bourque, Eel Lake Road, Belleville, Bell Neck, Springhaven, Quinan