Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Port Grocer

in Port Medway is where the Yarmouth County supper club had brunch today.
Quaint and magnificent is what it is.
Brightly painted with interesting art displayed.
One of those places where you enter, and immediately feel at home.
We chatted with a couple men sitting in the store front, and we saw three outside at a small table when we entered. People like it there. It's easy to tell.
We all ordered something different. We had quiche, omelet, fishcakes and beans, and pancakes.
Coffee and tea, toast and juice.
It was all so good ! It was fast ! The price was great !
The atmosphere of the Port Grocer, and its' people, will make us return !
Do stop in... it's just a 5 minutes ride from the highway. You won't be disappointed.

Ye Olde Argyler

The supper club was there this week.
Made reservations an hour before arriving.
Wednesday is wing night, so we had some to start.
We were chatty, received "diamond ring gifts " from NYC, and were excited to see each other, therefore we didn't take notice of the time. I don't feel we waited long.
The little waitress was friendly, and enjoyed us, we could tell.
She told us that much of the staff were at an event, however she managed the dining room alone with no problem.
She returned many times to see how we were doing.
She took empty dishes promptly, which we all like.
We had a beer, in a frosty glass, and it was refreshing !
We ate wings, bistro burger, grilled chicken burger, loaded potato soup, scallops and orchard salad. It was all good. No complaints. Wings outstanding, soup amazing, and yummy orchard salad were some comments. Everyone was full !

We lingered quite a while, had tea , enjoyed the view, and shared a dessert. Nice time had. Thanks !

Austrian Inn

The supper club was out at the Austrian Inn one night.
Service was very slow indeed. Taking the order took too much time, and so did the food.
The soup was returned as it was too greasy.
The first picture is of a toothpick holder. I thought it rather "odd" looking. Come to find out it was brought by one of the mischievous supper club members... and I was the only gullible one to fall for it. We had crepe Norway, mushroom caps, solomon gundy (which was delicious) and coconut cream pie and an apple dessert. All very good .

Stargazing in Quinan


Did you know that on July 1st we will have an observatory for stargazing in the region of Quinan? The Deep Sky Eye observatory is being set up in the Frotten Road in Quinan!

We'll be checking it out !

Please take a minute and fifteen seconds to watch this video  ! Beautiful ! CLICK HERE

Check out Tim Doucette's website :

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tusket Market changes !

The Argyle Farmers' and Artisanal Market in Tusket is pleased to announce that our vendor guidelines have changed to include small home businesses and retailers to join our co-op!
YES- this includes all entrepreneurs that sell products or services out of their home and established retailers.
We are inviting everyone throughout our community the opportunity to join our 2015 Market Season by simply emailing for our NEW guidelines and application!!!
See You at the Market!!!  Thursdays , starting June 18 from 3 to 6pm

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Friends' take on stupidity after 50

Image result for i am stupid

I had supper with some friends tonight.
Shared with them my "stupid " period I went through. Starting to wonder if I had dementia settling in.
They assured me that I wasn't.
You see, they explained... when we are 30 and do dumb stuff; we laugh it off. After 50 it worries us because we are paranoid; but it's basically just the same funny stuff.

I had called a teacher one day to ask her what day in September the kids would be returning to school. Together we really tried to figure it out. She really knew no more than I did ! After a few minutes she admitted to having not a clue what day they would return.
And rightfully so....  I had the wrong number and the single lady had never ever even had children.

Spring Fling

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Image result for huh ?

Last month, as I was getting into my car at the post office, Twig came out of her car and dashed over to my window.
"Do you have $ 8 ?"

Sure I replied ! and I quickly gave her $8, assuming she had no purse and needed some cash.

"Thanks!", she said and she scurried towards her car,
She returned to my window with a bunch of daffodils and thanked me for supporting the cancer society.

She is undoubtedly the best salesman ever.
 I really didn't see it coming.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Great and easy idea


Image result for uvula

That's the miniature punching bag looking thing in the back of your throat.
What's it used for ?
Well, the uvula supposedly flips up to close off our nasal passages when we swallow.
Sometimes we choke and the pressure opens up the nasal passages by pushing the uvula, and whatever we are choking on comes out of our nose. Yes, it's not a pretty sight.
I once did that with champagne on a date. Thankfully it was a date with my mom and she loves me even when I drip champagne from my nostrils.

We can do without an uvula.

Open wide and say "ah ".


I had a couple blog readers today from Belarus.
Welcome !
Hmmm....  I had to look at the map.

White heat stains on wood

Well believe it or not, Mme E and I worked on a table with 6 white heat stains from hot plates and made incredible progress.
We used heat ! yup ! It's true !
We took an iron, made sure it had plenty water in it, and set it on the highest setting with steam.
With a white towel over the spot, I quickly ironed the area, lifting quite frequently to get the bursts of steam going. Once done, Mme E, wiped it quickly. And we moved to the next spot.
So today I wanted to try it on a table son #1 got from the road side pickup.( even tho it's going to be painted)
I used no towel at all... just the iron on steam setting.
It was a great success ! Works amazingly ! We might have to go in business .... in a month, after she retires. "C & E hot stuff "

Here's the before and after.

Hamburg Rappie Pie

Image result for merci

Had it for the second time tonight.
The hostess makes one.
She calls it " Rappie Pie des pauvres", or poor people rappie pie.

I quite like it !

Friday, May 22, 2015

Growing Potatoes in a garbage can

Here are the 10 steps to growing potatoes in a container:
  1. Poke or drill several holes in the bottom of the garbage can.
  2. Place your container in a spot that will get a lot of sun throughout the day.
  3. Fill the bottom of the container with about 3 inches of soil.
  4. Place 4 – 5 whole seed potatoes into the soil, making sure they’re evenly spaced.
  5. Make sure the potatoes are completely covered by about two inches of soil.
  6. Water the potatoes thoroughly.
  7. Once the plants have grown to 7-8 inches in height, pour more soil into the container.  The soil level should be about three inches from the top of the plants.
  8. Water the plants as needed.  (Everyday, unless the rain gets them good)
  9. Each time the plants reach 7-8 inches above the soil level, pour more soil into the container, maintaining the soil at three inches from the top of the plants.
  10. At the end of the season, dump out the contents of your container and dig all around the soil to get your potatoes.

 I am going to try this. Wish me luck ! 

Poor birdie. Poor me.

Image result for bird feathers

The car ahead of me hit a big bird.
I swerved to avoid getting him on my windshield.
Carole King was on the radio singing " You've Got a Friend".
More feathers came off the car, and I drove through them.

I almost cried.
I must have PMS.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cereal and milk to go

    Purchase a specially marked Kellogg’s cereal and use the pin code inside to get yourself a free Cereal & Milk To Go Cup. All you will have to pay is shipping, which is $3. 

    Wednesday, May 20, 2015

    Save the Bees !

    Send your selfie to space

    Image result for planetary society bill nye selfie

    Really ? A project of Bill Nye. Yup, Bill Nye the science guy !
    You upload your selfie and then share it.  #SelfietoSpace

    It's going up on a light sail mission  in 2016

    Click here to see the website, see what it's all about and get started !

    Tuesday, May 19, 2015

    Contact Solution Sample

    Image result for biotrueuntil May 26th...
    Click here and order yours.

    Last minute shopper

    Image result for lol

    I darted into the local co-op at 4 minutes to close.
    I was desperate for detergent... for both laundry and dishwasher.
    Grabbed a bag of dog food on the way, and toilet paper too.
    Got to the cash with more than 2 minutes left.
    After I paid, the friendly young man said," Do you want a bag".
    "Nope" I replied, " I am all set!"

    As I picked up the items I said...

    "Gonna go back and wash clothes, and dishes, and feed the dog."

    I picked up the toilet paper, and figured I just had to add it.... " and wipe my butt"

    We laughed !

    Booze Cruise

    Image result for chelsea nickerson alyssa leblanc booze cruise

    Here's the latest Booze Cruise song !
    Play it a few times, memorize it, and sing it all summer !

    Great job Alyssa Leblanc ( relation to GLB) and Chelsea Nickerson ( granddaughter a Millie Pee )
    Listen to it here

    Sunday, May 17, 2015

    Cake parade

    Free Lamb cookbook

    A world of flavorClick here to order yours !

    I order this book every year.


    Image result for reopen signRe-opened is Duck's Garden in Tusket.
    I know they have some pepper plants, and I believe tomato.
    And very nice flowers.