Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ye Olde Argyler

The supper club was there this week.
Made reservations an hour before arriving.
Wednesday is wing night, so we had some to start.
We were chatty, received "diamond ring gifts " from NYC, and were excited to see each other, therefore we didn't take notice of the time. I don't feel we waited long.
The little waitress was friendly, and enjoyed us, we could tell.
She told us that much of the staff were at an event, however she managed the dining room alone with no problem.
She returned many times to see how we were doing.
She took empty dishes promptly, which we all like.
We had a beer, in a frosty glass, and it was refreshing !
We ate wings, bistro burger, grilled chicken burger, loaded potato soup, scallops and orchard salad. It was all good. No complaints. Wings outstanding, soup amazing, and yummy orchard salad were some comments. Everyone was full !

We lingered quite a while, had tea , enjoyed the view, and shared a dessert. Nice time had. Thanks !