Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 10 of Make Over My Morning course

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Well I went to bed early enough, but once Loverboy got out this morning I stretched out and pressed snooze... three times. Thank God I do a lot at night, as I would never had made it. Plus I wanted to get to work early. So I had thirty minutes and spent ten looking for a picture of my sisters wedding to post on Facebook.  20 minutes later, and two changes to the clothing I had chosen just a mere 8 hours before... I was out the door.

No thought to yesterdays topic of listing a few things to do faithfully in the morning or taking time to be grateful in the morning.
Heck, I am over 50 ! If I wake up, ain't that enough reason to be grateful.
I am grateful all the time. I count my blessings often; except when I am ticked off or feeling blue. When we are blue, I think we count the ways we are blue.

So lesson 10 is about changing your mindset. Jot down one or two habits (and the negative thoughts that go with them) that you want to intentionally replace with new, life-giving habits and thoughts.

I gotta think about that one...  
Some participants talked about feeling inadequate, not liked, and always feeling they are not good enough.
Everyone is good and beautiful just the way they are... there's my 2 cents worth. Love yourself.

I can stop dropping my earrings and jewelry here and there... but is breaking that habit life-giving ?
I don't know.
Maybe I could nag less?
Maybe I should nag more ?