Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 12 of the 14 day Make Over my morning course

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Oh it's getting close to the end of the course.
This morning I drank cold water. I peeled vegetables and prepared my roast while looking at the cold tall glass of water.
I drank it, thinking it may be nauseating. I didn't get a jolt of energy from it, but it took less time to drink than a coffee would have. I decided not to have coffee until I went to my parents for a visit; so maybe I had more energy, or simply more time to kill.  I dunno. I will try again tomorrow.

Today's lesson is on decreasing the number of decisions we make a day.
5000 is the estimate of decisions we make EVERY DAY.  Five thousand ? Really ?
We suffer from decision fatigue.
So the homework is to create a system for two things that stress me. Using a system versus a decisions.
I chose

  • making a supper menu for the week ( I used to and it was easy to follow and great for the shopping list)
  • doing book work/paper clutter/things to read/mail . It drives me nuts. I always have plenty things I want to read, emails to reply, receipts to sort, bookwork, and mail. I should get a system for this. A couple hours a couple days a week really would do it. Sunday evening will be one, and maybe Wednesday after supper. I shall try it.