Tuesday, June 23, 2015

day 14 of Make over your Morning

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Yup ! The last day !
I tried to maximize my evenings and mornings.
I got the evening routine going great.
Makes life a bit easier in the morning.

I figured out that rather do more at night than add one chore in the morning.
I am more conscientious about getting good sleep
I am trying to stay away from electronics before bed, relaxing
I have been planning supper the night before, even peeled veggies twice
I have been picking out my clothes the night before
I make sure the kitchen is clean when I go to bed.
I wash a load of laundry

Mornings? Well I have been drinking a glass of cold water in the morning( not the best).
I have not exercised in the morning, nor moved my alarm back 15 minutes.
I have not figured out what I need for quality time in the morning ( not Monday to Friday anyway)

It was okay however... feeling more organized.