Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 6 and Day 7 of Make Over Your Morning

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I am soon going to sign up for a Make Over My Night course; if there is such a thing.
As last night I slept 6 hours.  I really need to hit the bed earlier.
I also planned our supper meal, but ate out instead.
and I missed my Day 6 of the course...  about breaking down your goals made yesterday.

I did not do this homework, and I although they are explaining how it will relate to better mornings, I feel stubborn and simply don't want to.

Day 7 is all about accountability.Telling someone, who is supportive, about your Make Over Your Morning... and being held accountable to them for your progress.  That's pretty easy, since I am blogging about it. I also have been sharing with my Sis... who has her mornings down path. She likes getting up early and accomplishing a great deal. She's good with bedtime too.