Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 8 Make Over your Morning

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Last night I was successful. Bed in time, supper chosen, laundry on, kitchen clean, clothes picked out and relaxation.

Today's lesson was about daily to do lists. Now you're talking ! I love to-do lists ! I make one, or two every single day.
Make the goals bite size.. nothing that takes more than 30 minutes. And keep the list short so you won't be overwhelmed.
Decide where you are going to be making this list... ipad, phone, or good old pen and paper
Decide if it really has to be done ?
If so, does it have to be done today?
and ask yourself if someone else can do it for you ?
Make your list in the morning, or at bedtime.

I personally make a list every Saturday morning. (on paper)
At work however, I make a list every day.