Sunday, June 28, 2015

Free Photo Retouch

Lots of nice pictures around these days.
Here's an opportunity to get a picture retouched for FREE.
Great for those prom pictures !
You must first like her Facebook page Daneesha Williams Artistry.
Then feel free to email your pictures
She will be choosing her favourite submissions and featuring the before and after on her facebook page, as well as sending back the completely retouched photo, free of charge. !
The following are examples of what she can edit:
- Colour/light correction
- Even skin tone
- Fix skin blemishes (such as spots or pimples)
- Remove shine from the skin
- Reduce and/or remove wrinkles
- Smooth, recolour, and thicken the subject's hair
- Remove stray hairs
- Fix eyebrows
- Enhance eye sharpness
- Teeth whitening
- Lip enhancement
- Makeup enhancement
- Correct/fix wardrobe
- Background fix/manipulation (removing distracting objects/people)
I am sending her this picture as there is something under his ear.