Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Morning Make Over Day 2

Image result for day 2Today's lesson was about the importance of the night before the morning.
Basically many of us awaken feeling overwhelmed with the day ahead , filled of challenges and things to accomplish.
We feel we are behind before we even begin.
They shared two strategies: First , clean your kitchen before going to bed and also relax ( maybe turn off electronics). Maybe have tea or something.
Secondly: make sleep a priority. Decide what time you need to get up, and count 8 or 9 hours backwards. That's your bedtime.
The homework was to come up with a bedtime routine.
Also identify three things that stress you in the morning.
Of those three ...  move some to the evening bedtime routine.

So I am already past my bedtime tonight as I have an early morning....  but on a typical night I should get to bed no later than 11pm.
Routine??  I should clean the kitchen while I decide what the heck we are going to cook for supper tomorrow. ( that stresses me)  I should lay out my clothes the night before ( another stress), and try to stick to my choice, I should have a bath, put clothes to wash, blog or read, and go to bed.