Monday, August 03, 2015

Energy hogs

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  1. Dehumidifiers consume energy. Many use them in the summer in their basements. You should unplug them when you are done. More importantly, to save energy,  is to run them so that the humidity level in your basement is around 50%. Chances are your machine doesn't have a gauge for that. But for a $3 you can get a humidity meter at the hardware store and you can figure out what setting will give you humidity around 50%.
  2. Dryers: drying 7 loads of laundry a week will likely costs you $200 a year. To save money, dry full loads, clean the lint filter, have your dryer in a heated room, and drying 2 loads, or more, in a row, before your dryer cools down, will also save you money. Hanging clothes outdoors will save you the most.
  3. PlayStations especially are reported to be hard on electricity when not in use. Hook them up to a power bar and flick it off. and if you can, place things like a DVD player...or anything with a light that remains on, or a clock, on a power bar. and shut it all off.