Thursday, September 24, 2015

Joanne's Quick and tasty

The supper club was out today at Joanne's quick and Tasty.
Yes, it is appropriately named.
We had our orders taken at 4:39 and out food arrived at 4:52.
Dishes were removed promptly, and dessert came in a flash, and so did the bills.
They checked on us, and had lemon for the water, which some club members like.
I had coffee, nice size mug, piping hot.
No food complaints at all... Two had the special, I had a lobster poutine, and number 4 had poached haddock and mashed potatoes.
Lobster poutine was very good indeed. One of the better I have had. Smaller fries seem best for poutine. Desserts: mince pie, peanut butter pie, trifle, and lemon pie. All very good indeed.

Upon arrival there was a smell of "farm" manure. I understand it is common, Apparently we got used to it. We certainly lingered a long time, and enjoyed our stay.
When we left, two of us decided to hide around the corner and scare the next Supper Club member. Problem was the people inside could see us through a large window. The plan failed, we got startled instead, and made staff and a few patrons laugh. Guess we weren't thinking ...