Saturday, September 12, 2015


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I watched a Lifeclass on TV. I wasn't thinking I would keep watching, but he had lots of interesting things to say... especially for adults who are reaching middle age.
He spoke of a dog who was pregnant and had puppies. Before her delivery, she was hit by a car, and could no longer use her back legs. The puppies were born fine, but they dragged their back legs... just like their momma. That's what they learned from their model.

It's hard to be what you have not seen. You have to surround yourself with good models.
We all have the power to transform into the best we can be.

We spend lots of time and money on what we look like, and where we live, but we don't focus on changing the inside.

From a young age we have a lot laid on us, and most of us are what people need us to be. And we respond to the needs of what kids want, parents expect,  husbands want...
Then we get older and realize that we have been everything but me.
We realize we have the power to change your career, change what you focus your energy on, who you hang with, what you do ...

We are the best when we are at ease with all around us.
We are the most powerful when we are authentic.

Trying to be something else makes us tired.
Pretending makes us exhausted.

Surround yourself with people you want to be like.