Thursday, October 29, 2015

Senior’s Tea Party

The Argyle Recreation Department will be hosting a Senior’s Tea Party at the Club des Audacieux in Quinan on Thursday November 5th from 1-3pm.
There will be refreshments and entertainment. Bring a friend and come on out and enjoy a fun afternoon!
To reserve a spot please call the Argyle Recreation Department at 648-3379

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Chinese waves dishcloths

Click HERE for a free pattern

Chinese Waves Knitted Dishcloths - love this! My washcloths are in need of replacement.:

Son #1 and Son #2

And as my sons were getting older, I really tried to not be the kind to jump to such conclusions.
But sometimes .....

Unproductive Saturday

I read an article on being non-productive.

It caught my eye since I have been very unprductive today. A splitting headache and a sore throat has me on the lazy boy, surrounded by books, my phone, my cell, the laptop, TV clicker.water, and a pen.
Many of us like to keep busy and our day is often measured in how productive we are. We get restless, and prefer being productive.

Even though we are productive, we usually still procrastinate.

Some people who like to be productive find it hard to give quality time to their partners. It just feels so non-productive.

A couple things they mentioned that are productive but we seldom think they are: rest and play ( with kids or adults ) The play doesn't have to be sport; it can be a board game or game of cards.

So if you have been productive... lighten up and embrace the non-productive times as well.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Try Franks RedHot Sauce for free

Buy Frank's RedHot Sauce and send in the rebate form to get your money back ( up to $5.49)
Click here for your form

Image result for franks red hot

Frank’s RedHot® Stingin’ Honey Garlic™
 Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili® Sauce
 Frank’s RedHot® Chili ‘n Lime™ Hot Sauce
 Frank’s RedHot® Kickin’ BBQ® Sauce
Frank’s RedHot® Slammin’ Sriracha® Chili Sauce
Frank’s® RedHot Bollywood® Indian Style Sauce
 Frank’s RedHot® Rajili™ Sweet Ginger Hot Sauce

Yummm... bet that Sweet Chili Sauce would be good.

Meatloaf idea

Meatloaf Zombie Monster This looks disgusting! It's the perfect Halloween Dinner! Scare your family something silly with this delicious spin on meatloaf recipe! Make a Zombie face from meatloaf! Easy instructions to tell you how to do it step by step!:

Monday, October 19, 2015

Cute idea

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Indoor gas station

Image result for winter at the gas pumps

that would be awesome.
I know gas has fumes, and it's not likely that there will ever be such a thing.
But wouldn't it be great ?
I filled up today, and it was way too chilly.

Halloween and Pop tarts

Image result for halloween tete a claques

No fall season is complete without viewing the Tetes a Claques Halloween clip !

Here's the English version ...

Click here

Quilt Seminar

Image result for bear paw quilt

Quilt Seminar with Jean (à Paul) d’Entremont 
Pattern choice: - Bear Paw 2 days / October 26 & 27 – 9h30am to 4pm @ 25$(supplies and pattern extra( 2$) plus hst ) - Material not supplied. 
Bring your lunch At Musée des Acadiens des Pubnicos #898 Highway 103, Exit 31, Route 335
 Registration deadline October 23 before 4 pm. Register at 902 762-3380 

Winter craft Fair

Image result for winter craft fair

The Club social des îles is preparing for the upcoming Christmas Season, and we are looking for vendors interested in taking part in our 2nd annual Winter Craft Fair which takes place on November 22 2015!
Please contact Corey Clamp at 902 648 0333 or message them on Facebook! 
Single tables are $8 and double tables are $15.
All proceeds from table rentals go towards our annual Children's Xmas Party.

Make Christmas easier .... now

Image result for christmas
  • bake and freeze, or make dough and freeze.
  • make a list of people you need to buy for
  • buy the gift cards/certificates now
  • get a plan for your Christmas cards... or get them ready

Seeds for Bees

Won't you be a dear and order a free packet?
Plant them somewhere on your property in the spring, or even in a flower pot on your patio.
It will help save the bees.
Click here to orderImage result for seeds for bees

Friday, October 16, 2015

Oh that Siri !

I often use Siri to text. Today I wanted to ask my sister if she wanted to meet me at work and we would clean out the dryers.

I got a message back saying " I wasn't really considering it ".

Hmmm.  I thought.
Then I realized I had asked Siri and not my sister !  Lol.

Keeping toilets clean

If you have the time, and want to have a bowel movement without the chance of smearing feces on the side of the bowl as you flush, experts suggest you do the following:
Strategically place three pieces of toilet tissue as shown.
When you "go" the "package" gets somewhat wrapped. like the petals of a fragrant flower.
When you flush, the bowl will stay clean. 


Image result for cake bake sale

Everyone loves the cake parades in West Pubnico !So come on down and watch the magic and the entertaining volunteers and audience!

Saturday, October 17th at the West Pubnico Fire Hall. 

Doors open at 1 and parade starts at 2. 

Please bring your food after 10 am on Saturday.

 Proceeds for the Saint Peter's Parish! 

How does a cake parade work? Rather than have the assorted baked goods for sale, you purchase envelope(s) of tickets. Each baked item has a brown paper bag infront of it, and you place your ticket in the bag associated with the item you hope to win. Tickets are drawn and winning person selected. Lots of fun !


Multi-family Yard Sale:
117 Pond Road, Lower West Pubnico
October 17, 2015
(Look for others on our road as well who may have items for sale)

Fall fair

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Best canister Vacuums 2014- 15

Click here to see what vacuum ranks the best.
I love my electrolux. I checked out the new Lux ones. $1300. Ouch ! C'est pricey !
I don't have a central vac.Those who do, do they still like them ?

Growing Your Artisan Business At Farmers Markets: A Workshop Series

Coming to Tusket, beginning October 22nd
The Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia Cooperative (FMNS) is thrilled to be offering a comprehensive workshop series for new, existing and expanding artisan vendors selling in, or considering selling in, our growing Farmers’ Market sector. Topics include Starting Up at Farmers’ Markets, Merchandising, Customer Service, Branding & Marketing, Social Media, Holiday & Tourism Sales, and Next Steps. Think of this workshop series as a menu of skill-building sessions – you can register for the entire series or pick and choose which sessions are right for you.

Our instructor, Michelle Wolf, is an entrepreneur, skilled facilitator and leading Farmers’ Market expert. She is the owner/operator of Whole Green Heart Consulting and FMNS Director of Training. She herself owner and operated a successful artisan business in the Farmers’ Market sector for over 20 years.
Who should attend this workshop series? Artists, body care producers, jewelers, artisans and crafters, soap makers, specialty food producers, Nova Scotia gift ware producers, potters, metal & wood workers, textile artists and others.

For or full details on each workshop, location, dates and cost click here. If you have any questions, please contact Keltie at the FMNS office at or 902-425-9776. For a full listing of workshop locations across the province, visit

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

33 Free Pumpkin Carving stencils

Better homes and gardens have some.
Check them out 

Revolution by the Beatles

is it the Beatles?
... John Lennon ?

It's Nigel d'Eon !
and yes, he's chewing gum and singing just like John Lennon did ! I got a kick out of it !

Watch and Listen and enjoy ! CLICK HERE
It's one of my favorite Beatles tunes !

Saturday Oct 17th

Pubnico Point Trail needs our help.

They need lots of help.
People to cut a trail out (over 1.5 kms !)
Yes, it's going to be awesome to have a long gravel trail added to the existing Pubnico Point Trail !

They need people to help cut it out and lug branches.
Everyone can help !
They need water.
They need gophers.
They need snacks to keep them going!
and they need some dinner !

They are starting at 9am.
I hope to be able to be there with some tea, disposable cups and food at 11:30 or so.
I'll bring a card table.
They'll  need a few garbage bags for trash.
Maybe a few camp chairs so people can sit and rest.

For more information contact Felton at (902) 740-1631.