Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Saturday Oct 17th

Pubnico Point Trail needs our help.

They need lots of help.
People to cut a trail out (over 1.5 kms !)
Yes, it's going to be awesome to have a long gravel trail added to the existing Pubnico Point Trail !

They need people to help cut it out and lug branches.
Everyone can help !
They need water.
They need gophers.
They need snacks to keep them going!
and they need some dinner !

They are starting at 9am.
I hope to be able to be there with some tea, disposable cups and food at 11:30 or so.
I'll bring a card table.
They'll  need a few garbage bags for trash.
Maybe a few camp chairs so people can sit and rest.

For more information contact Felton at (902) 740-1631.

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