Saturday, October 24, 2015

Unproductive Saturday

I read an article on being non-productive.

It caught my eye since I have been very unprductive today. A splitting headache and a sore throat has me on the lazy boy, surrounded by books, my phone, my cell, the laptop, TV clicker.water, and a pen.
Many of us like to keep busy and our day is often measured in how productive we are. We get restless, and prefer being productive.

Even though we are productive, we usually still procrastinate.

Some people who like to be productive find it hard to give quality time to their partners. It just feels so non-productive.

A couple things they mentioned that are productive but we seldom think they are: rest and play ( with kids or adults ) The play doesn't have to be sport; it can be a board game or game of cards.

So if you have been productive... lighten up and embrace the non-productive times as well.