Monday, December 14, 2015

Become a Grape Grower?

Most experts agree that a minimum of 900 growing degree days (GDD) above 10 °C are required for wine grape production and ideally above 1300. Additionally, a minimum of 150 frost free days (FFD) is required and ideally up to 180 days.

The Nova Scotia government is looking at funding applications for existing and new grape growers.
Must be at least 5 acres. Read the story here
The program will pay each grower up to $6,550 per acre to cover land clearing, tile drainage, plant material, stakes and contracted labour.

Corberrie: 1062 GDD and 185.1 frost free days in 2014
South Ohio:  979 GDD and 185.9 frost free days
Deer Field:   999 GDD and 185.9 frost free
Kemptville: 1075 GDD and 199 frost free
Crouse Settlement: 1079 GDD and 172.9 frost free