Wednesday, January 20, 2016


dream meanings

I listened to a podcast about dreams.
I always thought eating late at night caused me to dream. Actually it causes us to not sleep well, and if we awake withing 5 minutes of having had a dream, we remember it. So it's the late digestion, or indigestion that is the culprit.
Anti-depressants may cause nightmares.
Sounds and smells that are not too loud to awake us, but can be heard, can creep right into our dream. We can listen to waves crashing on the beach, and dream of the beach. We can hear a siren in the distance, and dream of the police.
People don't dream of sex that often. They may have a sexual dream, but rarely does it get to "homeplate". Sexual dreams happen more when we sleep on our stomachs.
What we last experience before falling asleep will often play a role in our dreams. We should refrain from tablets, phones, and TV and relax a bit.
Careful too of who you share your dreams with. The podcast told a story of two friends.
"Anne" told "Gloria" that she had a dream last night. " I dreamt you were having sex with MY HUSBAND ! " she blurted, very annoyed.
The friend replied " That's crazy ! He's not attractive and I would never desire him" !
Both got angry and the friendship ended.

Buenos Noches ! Bonsoir ! Good night ! Sweet dreams !