Monday, June 13, 2016

La Roche de Saint-Pierre

During the month of August, 1769, Father Charles-Francois Bailly de Messein was the first missionary to visit the Acadians after their return from exhile. He baptized and married many people who had not seen a priest for many years.
Father Bailly landed at a point at the southeastern extremity of Comeau's Hill stretching toward the east.
Even today, this is still known as "La Pointe a Monsier de Bailly" (Mr. Bailly's Point).
Father Bailly, having come here by sea, stepped ashore and, a short distance from there, celebrated a mass
in the shade of a huge rock known as "La Roche de Saint-Pierre (St. Peter's Rock). On the face of this rock is a cross. It is believed that both Acadians returning from exhile and Mi'Kmaq were present.

Saint Peter's Rock is on the walking trail at 2413 Comeau's Hill Road. 

Painting by Ann Clow
La Roche de Saint-Pierre